Your Pet's Home Away from Home

Exemplary Bird Boarding Services

Bring in Your Feathered Friend for a Comfortable Stay

If your home is being remodeled, painted, flea sprayed or carpet cleaned, it is advisable to remove your bird from the area since the fumes may deteriorate their health. At Country Mile Kennel, we understand that you will need someone else to take care of your bird when you are away. Trust us as we have years of experience in working with birds and our bird boarding accommodations are clean and comfortable.

Taking Your Bird's Health Seriously

  • Strict vaccination policies to ensure your bird’s health during his or her stay. All pets must be current on necessary vaccinations. Our reservations specialist will review these with you when making your reservation
  • Daily housekeeping services with strict, hospital-grade cleaning protocols, and a clutter-free environment
  • Year-round climate-controlled fur and feathers aviary with air-handling systems for optimal health, air filtration, and temperature control
Your bird’s health depends on the care of individuals who know what to do. This is why you should make us your ultimate choice.

Ensuring Your Bird Stays Comfortably With Us

From accommodating a cockatiel to a macaw, we're adept at taking care of them all. Our avian play area allows for one-on-one interaction if your bird desires playtime. In addition, our bird sanctuary comes furnished with several items your feathered friend will need to make his or her stay with us more comfortable:
  • Bottled water
  • A HEPA filter
  • Night lights
  • Cage paper
  • Perches
We are adept at taking care of:
  • Birds
  • Canaries
  • Parakeets
  • Cockatiels
  • Parrots
We ask that you bring the following items along with your bird so that the transition of your feathered friend to their new "home away from home" goes smoothly:
  • His or her favorite toys, food and food dishes (the food supplied should be sufficient to last the duration of their stay with us)
  • Proof of a thorough examination from an avian veterinarian in the last twelve months
  • A bird carrier for easy transportation
We also provide a refrigerator for perishable foods.
Call us
to schedule an appointment for our bird boarding services.
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Our avian guests enjoy regular and loving attention from our caring, experienced and certified staff.

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